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Early-bird Christmas Hampers FAQ's

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

It’s official! You can now tick one of the most important things off your list for Christmas. Our excellent value ‘Early bird Christmas hampers’ are expertly prepared, come pre-packaged and uncooked. Just pop them into the freezer and they will be waiting for you to enjoy during the festive season… if you can wait that long to enjoy!

Choose From:

Available online and in all our shops. Hampers are subject to availability, so be quick - order yours today!


Q - Will I receive my hamper now or in December?

A - The Early bird hampers will be dispatched within 48 hours when bought online and when purchased in one of our shops, you will be given your hamper to take home that day.

Q - Is everything freezable?

A - All hampers are prepared, wrapped and ready to go straight into the freezer. Some of our customers choose to prepare the pigs in blankets or stuffing and then freeze them ready for Christmas, thats up to you!

Q - Will I be able to purchase the hamper at this price closer to Christmas?

A - Christmas hampers will be available closer to Christmas but it will be full price - not at the early bird reduced rate.

Q - Can I exchange any of the meats for different products?

A - It is not possible to exchange any of the products.

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