1.5KG Beef Wellington (frozen) serves 6- 8 people

1.5KG Beef Wellington (frozen) serves 6- 8 people

Meet your showstopper!!

A beautiful 1.5kg Beef Wellington made with a huge 1kg of Farmers Pantry Whole Fillet by our talented chefs Beth and Dale. 

This will be delivered to you frozen and will come with a full set of cooking instructions and a complimentary meat probe (whilst stocks last) to check the perfect temperature when cooked. 

Serves approx 6-8 people.


  • Cooking Instructions

    Defrost in a refridgerator for at least 36 hours before cooking to fully defrost - DO NOT cook from frozen. You need to ensure the Wellington goes into the oven at frisge temperature (2-5'C). If the pastry goes in warmer than this it may be liable to sag a little and not hold it's shape. 

    If you'd like an extra shiny glaze, brush another layer of egg yolk onto the pastry before placing in the oven.

    Place on a lined and greased baking tray.

    Pre heat fan assisted oven to 170'C. For medium Beef Wellington cook for 50 minutes or until the centre reaches 50'C, using your meat temperature 10-12 minutes or until the probe reaches 65'C.

    If the pastry bottom is still not fully cooked, roll the Wellington over for 10 minutes towards the final cooking.

    Once it's reached your desired temperature in the centre, rest it well in a warm place for a further 10-15 minutes (This step is really important!)

    For serving: Once the meat is well rested, carve as required and enjoy!

  • £3 Delivery Charge

    Please note that as of 17th November 2020 we now have to charge a flat rate of £3 on all deliveries, this is due to the increase of costs. We thank you in advance for your custom and support. 


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